All Lyras are custom to each order, we ship within two weeks of your order date.

Lyra-Single Tab

Lyra-Single Tab

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Our Lyras (Aerial Hoops) are custom made to your specifications. When choosing your size, keep in mind that we measure from the inside diameter.

We use high quality 1″ x .120 wall “DOM” steel tubing. Many of our competitors use cheaper materials that cost about half as much in their raw form (I.E. “HREW” tubing or even pipe). If you notice the tabs on our hoops look beastly, this is because we don’t believe in anything being just “good enough”, we use 1/2″ thick steel plating.

Every lyra we manufacture and sell is tested in house to over 2,000 pounds and come fully powder coated.

Color Options

Please keep in mind that adding glitter can give a slightly rougher texture.

*Actual color may differ depending on the device used and monitor settings* 
  • Clear Glitter
    Clear Glitter
  • Gloss Black
    Gloss Black
  • Gloss White
    Gloss White
  • Sassy Pink
    Sassy Pink
  • Tigress Orange
    Tigress Orange
  • Sparkle Light Blue
    Sparkle Light Blue
  • Blue Ice Explosion
    Blue Ice Explosion
  • Glacier Blue
    Glacier Blue
  • Shimmery Purple
    Shimmery Purple
  • Gun Metal Grey
    Gun Metal Grey
  • Shimmer Me Gold
    Shimmer Me Gold
  • Silver
  • Spearmint Sparkle
    Spearmint Sparkle
  • Black Stardust
    Black Stardust
  • Race Me Red
    Race Me Red
  • Hunter Green
    Hunter Green
  • Be You Yellow
    Be You Yellow