Why Beastly Built?

That's easy - because we're unique!

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Beastly Built is exactly how we make our products and for those Beastly Built atheletes who are looking for a product to keep up with them, look no further than us.

Just how Beastly?

We use high quality 1" x .120 wall "DOM" steel tubing. Many of our competitors use cheaper materials that cost about half as much in their raw form (I.E. "HREW" tubing or even pipe). If you notice the tabs on our hoops look beastly, this is beacause we don't believe in anything being just "good enough", we use 1/2" thick steel plating.

Every lyra we manufacture and sell is tested in house to over 2,000 pounds and come fully powder coated. We enjoy giving our customers the peace of mind that they are purchasing a high quality product at an incredible price.

We offer standard sizes as well as fully customizable size, color and tape options. We manufacture all types of apparatuses so if you are curious in designing something, send us message.