All Lyras are custom to each order, we ship within two weeks of your order date.

Our Story

Beastly Built is focused on providing the best quality aerial apparatuses custom to our clients needs.

A Family Company

Beastly Built was founded by Alex and Jessica who have been in the aerial arts industry for a few years. Jessica started as a pole dance student and later became a teacher of both pole and aerial hoop. Alex became interested in the fabrication side of things after inspecting the equipment they purchased through the years. They decided to start a business manufacturing aerial apparatuses after experiencing some concerns with the apparatuses they’ve purchased by other companies. They wanted to provide a high quality apparatus at an affordable price. Beastly Built continues to grow in many ways by maintaining the best quality equipment used for all fabrication, continued research on all products, and the testing that helps us to ensure we are providing the best product to our clients at a great price.

Not Just A Product, But A Passion

We don’t just fabricate apparatuses, we love playing on them too!

Beastly Built manufactures top quality aerial hoops and other apparatuses upon request. We use high quality 1″ x .120 wall “DOM” steel tubing and 1/2″ thick steel plating. We love spending time on our products and fabricating these beautiful apparatuses.

Every lyra we manufacture and sell is tested in house to over 2,000 pounds and comes fully powder coated. We enjoy giving our customers the peace of mind that they are purchasing a high quality product at an incredible price. We are flexible with sizing, and colors. We want you to create your one of a kind piece!